5 Inspiring Ways to Make Passive Income (and What to Do With It)

Passive income, on paper, seems too good to be true. The idea is to literally make money without doing anything. Obviously, this isn’t exactly true (or everybody would be doing it). Even though you won’t be working for the money in the conventional sense, you will be putting in time one way or another. But passive income is a very real possibility for those willing to seek it—you just need to know where to look.

Ideas for Passive Income


There are several ways to make passive income—and you might be able to come up with some ideas on your own—but these are some of the most popular and easiest to approach:

1. Rental Properties. Rental properties are a somewhat straightforward investment, at least in theory. You’ll buy a house or an apartment complex capable of hosting multiple tenants, and you’ll charge those tenants rent to stay at your property—enough to cover any mortgage or loan you have, plus some extra. This may seem like a prohibitive investment option, ruling out anyone without substantial access to capital, but as Green Residential illustrates, you don’t need to be a millionaire to make money on property investment: “Even people who are not that well off can make a fortune in real estate if they select the right avenues and use their money wisely.”

2. Dividend Stocks and Index Funds. The stock market may seem like a risky venture, but some stocks are safer than others. Stocks of big-name, decades-old companies with a strong future are generally reliable long-term investments that have a low probability of burning you; these are often called “blue chip” stocks, and they typically come with a quarterly or annual dividend, where investors make a bit of money per share of the company they own. You can invest in dividend stocks individually as you see fit, or go with an overall dividend stock-based index fund, which will allow you to hedge your bets all in one place.


3. Develop an eBook (or Similar Content). Content is hot. People constantly crave new information and new material to consume, and if it’s good enough, they’ll be willing to pay for it. If you have expertise in any area where the general population doesn’t (but still needs that information), it’s a prime opportunity to write an eBook as a guide, tutorial, or other handbook. You could technically write an eBook about anything, but practical ones tend to perform best. From there, you can put your book on Amazon and other services, and make a few bucks every time someone downloads your work.

4. Become a Mirco-preneur. “Micro-preneurship” is a term that’s come to define someone who engages in an independent business-like venture without taking the full reins of entrepreneurship. Good examples here include individuals who rent out sections of their homes to travelers via Airbnb, or drivers who make extra money through services like Uber and Lyft. You can pick up these gigs easily, applying or signing up in less than an hour, and depending on the service you choose, you could theoretically make money just by letting other people occupy your property.

5. Invent or Make a Product. If you’re fascinated with engineering, or have tremendous business acumen, or if you just have a creative spirit, you can try inventing a product. If it’s a hit, you can list it on Amazon and other third-party services (or create a website of your own) and watch the money come in. If you aren’t interested in the “inventing” portion of things, you could also create items—like crafts and art projects—though, obviously, this approach would take more effort and might deviate from the definition of “passive” income.

What to Do With Your New Income Streams

Once you have access to a new line of revenue, the sky’s the limit with what you can do. If you want to treat yourself, you can use it to go on vacation or fund a new hobby. If you end up making enough of an income stream, you may be able to quit your current job and live off your passive investments for the foreseeable future. But the arguably wisest move is to keep your main source of income (i.e., your job), and use your passive income streams to invest in even more opportunities. The more capital you invest in income-generating sources, the more eventual money you’ll be able to generate.v

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WordPress 4.6 Update is Here. So, what is New?

Seeing how WordPress is a weapon of choice for most bloggers, there is a good chance that updates may change the game entirely. This is why those who consider blogging to be their livelihood must closely read the notes about all the changes in the features of this platform. Seeing how WordPress 4.6 update has just arrived, it was about time that we learned what kind of change this brings. Here are few pointers we recognized during the beta.

1.   Broken Links Detection

To start off with something truly huge, WordPress 4.6 detects broken links in the editor. As this is something bloggers all over the world were troubled with, it may make life in the blogosphere much easier. This detector can recognize broken URLs and notify you about them on time. Whenever you add a bad link, the editor will make a tooltip with a warning to check the link before you proceed. However, some point out that the drawback of this feature is that it recognizes only the links that are truly broken. For example, pages with a 404 error will not be classified as bad. To make the long story short, this broken link detector is mostly there to prevent copying mistakes, which basically makes it a spell checker for URLs.

2.   Standardizing Metadata Registration

All the additional data that comes attached to posts, users and comments is jointly called metadata. In the 4.5 version, there were a lot of complaints about the absence of the method for of registering the meta key’s public state. Luckily, in the 4.6 version, this was finally changed and now it is more accessible to the code (both core and extending). This will allow the code to make better decisions on what to do and how to behave around metadata. However, the work of WordPress developers is still far from over and this is something we can expect to be improved in the near future.

3.   Shiny Updates

During the installation, update or deletion of various plugins or themes for WordPress, what you got so far were elaborate details of these processes which, as a user, you clearly did not benefit from. Luckily, in this update, we have another thing to look forward to – the Shiny Updates feature. The way it works is quite simple: Instead of the confusing and disruptive update lines, Shiny Update notifies you only about some major things that occur. In this way, what you get to see are only the most important results. From the technical side, this may not be a significant upgrade, but it more than improves the overall user experience.


4.   Return to the Native System Fonts

In order to gain its unique look that came to be its trademark, WordPress used Open Sans font in the admin area. However, this visual aspect of the platform affected its performance quite negatively, since it forced WP to rely on the external third party source. In turn, it mildly affected the speed of the admin area. The good news is that this will no longer be tolerated since WordPress decided to revert back to use its native system fonts. Still, it must be notified that this change affects only the admin area of the WP and not your content, which will remain in the font you intended for it.

5.   Is It a New CMS Now?

Well, no actually, and this is the best part of it. The main reason behind WP’s popularity is its simplicity, which allows its users to build a site easily. All these new features are meant to do is enhance the way WP functions at the moment and not change it in its essence. Installation, changing theme and uploading content have remained completely as they were. For this reason, apart from these few positive upgrades, most people won’t even notice that there were any changes made. Just as it was supposed to be.


What we can see from all these changes is that, while being heavily focused on resolving technical issues, improving the overall user experience is still a paramount for a WordPress team. While some unjustly feared that all of these changes might make WordPress more complicated to use, now we can see that this is not the case. New features, like the one with the broken link detection, just go on to show us that with each update, WP is becoming more and more user-friendly.

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The 6 Best Cars For City Driving

It’s no secret that driving around in a big city can be quite the challenge. Complicated signage, heavy traffic and a cramped parking situation are just a few of the situations that plague drivers in big cities such as Los Angeles, Toronto and Mexico City. Which is why people who do most of their driving in such places tend to be very picky when it comes to their vehicles of choice. Their ideal car needs to be fast and responsive enough to navigate through crowded streets, while also being comfortable enough to weather the difficulties inherent in such heavy-duty city use. Luckily, there are some vehicles out there that fit the bill, with the following six cars being especially suited for life in the big city:

1. Toyota Prius C Hybrid

The dependability of Toyota’s hybrid line of cars is well-known, with more and more people going with this environmentally-conscious option each day. But the C Hybrid takes things to the next level, with its compact size and reduced price tag that’s aimed to entice customers in big cities to finally make the switch to hybrids. Despite its smaller size, however, the car still has plenty of room inside for both passengers and cargo, and a fairly appealing exterior to boot.

2. Hyundai Elantra GT

Speaking of exterior design, it simply doesn’t get much better than the Hyundai Elantra GT. This stylish vehicle offers a spacious interior, great handling and superior fuel economy all rolled into one. And with a design inspired by cutting-edge European trends, the Elantra GT stands out amidst all rival vehicles. In 2016, Hyundai even released a refreshed version of the car that features an all-new grille as well as new 17-inch wheels, thus improving on its already gorgeous design and pushing the model to even greater heights. What’s more, the refreshed model also incorporates Apple’s Siri AI, which can be used to provide you with valuable information throughout your journeys.

3. BMW 7

As BMW’s flagship car, the BMW 7 has been produced by the German company since 1977, and is now currently in its sixth generation. Despite its considerable age, the model is still one of the most flexible and inspired vehicle choices for our times. The BMW 7 prizes agility and refinement above all, being the kind of car that can house a large family while also looking incredibly stylish on the road.

4. Fiat 500c 1957 Edition

If you’re in the mood for a retro-styled automobile that’s easy on the eyes as well as urban-friendly, you’ll find plenty to like about Fiat’s recent 1957 model. With good handling and compact size, the vehicle is ideal for parking in the kinds of cramped spots that are often all a big city can spare. With its impressive design and great mileage, the Fiat 500c 1957 Edition has all the tools to satisfy your commuting needs and become a perennial favorite in the process.

5. BMW X5

Despite being quite bulky, the BMW X5 is an agile vehicle for its class. It boasts a potent engine along with a comfortable interior filled with the best that technology has to offer. What’s more, the vehicle is designed with fuel economy in mind, an essential aspect when considering the many stops and starts that typify the big city driving experience. The X5 also has a massive trunk that’s perfect for carrying your belongings throughout town, as well as plenty of passenger space in the backseat.

6. Smart ForTwo

In contrast with our previous entry, Smart cars are known for their compact sizes that were designed to function best in a crowded urban environment. With this kind of car, it’s easy to maneuver and find parking spots even in the tiniest of spaces. Despite its limited appeal as a family car, the Smart ForTwo still packs a strong visual punch, and is an overall excellent choice for individuals who want to minimize the hassle of driving in a big city.

As you can see, drivers have more than a few options at their disposal when it comes to satiating their big city vehicle demands. But, as the science behind cars grows ever more advanced, new and innovative technologies for cars are sure to be introduced at a steady pace, with the ultimate goal of making life easier for the person sitting behind the wheel.

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Benefits to business: Health and Safety Training in the Workplace

There are almost 3 million workplace injuries reported by the private industry in 2014 alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, nearly 5,000 of workplace accidents ended fatally in the same year. These figures are alarming and should inspire employers both in the private and public sectors to take greater measures to ensure their workforce is safe and secure at all times. This is where health and safety training programs come in. Despite the benefits of these programs, many employers remain stubborn about implementing it in their respective workplaces.

In many countries, such as Australia, health and safety managers are revered as assets to any company. Their efforts help ensure smooth business flow and for that, they are compensated with a handsome salary, somewhere around AUD$230,000. Here are five reasons to convince you why health and safety training programs are worth the investment.

Worker Safety

Business owners and employers are driven by profits. But while chasing the paychecks and bonuses, remind yourself of your moral obligation to take care of the people you hire. They clock in anywhere between 8 to 12 hours of their time per day just to keep your business growing and churning profits. The least you can do for them is to make sure they are safe from injury and illness. You’ll be able to think and work better every day knowing that you’ve done everything you could to guarantee your workforce’s well-being.

Enhanced Productivity

Tardiness and absences in the office can zap productivity levels. Staff members who suffer from back, hand or leg problems may lack the confidence or awareness to tell someone about their suffering and instead keep it to themselves. This results in them working slower to manage the discomfort. Employees who are trained in proper health and safety practices will be in a position to reduce the risk of illness and ensuing absences. Knowledge of good working temperatures and work schedule shifting will allow your workplace to thrive and be more productive.

Improved Reputation

A staff member could get sick because of poor workplace conditions. He/she goes out with family members or friends and the word spill out that there is no heating/cooling in the office or that they are being forced to work an unfair number of hours. Then, their family spreads the information to their friends and neighbors, each time denting your company’s reputation bit by bit. If you train your staff in a health and safety program, you empower them with the knowledge and skills to make decisions that affect their well-being. You are also put in a better position to make positive changes to the workplace environment.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Having health and safety managers on board and providing regular training to your employees with regards to health and safety all culminate to lower monthly premiums on your business insurance plan. Ongoing training will also ensure that the premiums remain low since there are few to no claims made. Any business that employs more than five people is bound by law to exercise everything in their power to protect the health and well-being of their staff members. If you refuse to take heed and remain negligent, you can be held accountable for injuries and illnesses that transpire in the workplace. This ends up with you being fined and doing prison time, which is bad for your business’ solvency and your reputation as a business owner and CEO.

Lower Turnover Rate

It costs money to train new staff members thus it’s only pragmatic to try and keep your turnover numbers at a low. One way to do so is by showing your employees that you care for their well-being through health and safety training.

Health and safety are often forgone for maximum productivity and efficiency. In the end, however, the hands and brains behind every task and operation in your business lie within the very employees and staff members designated to perform them.

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6 Best Online Survey Services

Online surveys are a great way for a company to gather valuable data – they are more efficient than phone surveys, definitely less uncomfortable and time-consuming. When it comes to surveyors, however, they can benefit greatly from online surveys – many rewards and discounts are more than likely to be available, while there is no personal conversation they might find unpleasant. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best online survey services available out there.


This site works on behalf of leading companies, gathering opinions about certain products, services and ideas. What’s in it for you, as a surveyor? Well, many Amazon vouchers, prize draws and even free products. If you gather about 80,000 points (you get 3,000 to 6,000 per survey), you get a £15 voucher. Set aside at least a bit of your time for trying this service out – it might be worth it!


OnePoll might not excel at the number of rewards, but they are great, when it comes to concrete rewards – you either earn cash or PayPal payments. The best part of this survey service is the fact that it is widely known for the shortness of their surveys and a wide variety of topics. You can expect 10p-£1 per survey, so, if you have some free time on your hands and are somewhat of a procrastinator, give this one a go – surveys are really fun to answer!

Opinion Outpost

Fast payments and generally fun surveys are the backbone of Opinion Outpost’s popularity, which makes this service on the very top of paid surveys list. The rewards to expect here are cash and ever-popular Amazon Vouchers. They pay 50p per survey, with a minimum reward threshold of £2.50. Each survey takes 10-15 minutes and you only need to complete 5 to be due a payout.



If you are a student looking to get some pocket money quickly, OpinionPanel might be a great choice – you get £10 just for signing up and can earn way more for diligently filling out surveys. OpinionPanel is by-and-large the greatest research panel for students and graduates in the UK. The rewards comprise Amazon and high-street, Bonusbond vouchers, so you can hope to earn £1-2 per survey, or even £30 – £70 for online focus groups. The minimum reward thresholds is £25 for students only!


This service provides statistics to the press and current affairs programmes, and it offers only cash as rewards. You are looking to get paid an approximate amount of £2 per survey, with a minimum reward threshold of 50 points, which makes for approximate £50. The decent payouts that this service offers have made it somewhat popular and you can expect to earn £1 for every 5 minutes of filling out the questionnaires. Keep in mind, however, that you should be extremely careful with your answers, as they have quality checks put into place to whisker the cheaters away – the information truly matters to PopulusLive.


If you are a participant to a larger number of surveys, Ipsos may prove for a valid income. With this service, you are looking to get paid £10+ a month in rewards, such as High-street and Amazon vouchers, as well as prize draws for all members. An approximate of £1 per survey is to be expected, with a minimum reward threshold of £10. It should be also mentioned that Ipsos is a well-trusted panel.

Filling surveys is a great way to get paid online, while making a valid contribution to your favourite brand. All 6 online survey services are well-trusted and you should keep in mind that the majority is equipped with anti-cheat systems – don’t go out filling out the questionnaires just like that – provide valuable information instead.

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Group or Solo Studying? How to Tell Which Study Method is Best for You

If you’ve got an upcoming quiz, exam, midterm, or final, you may be feeling like it is time to sit down and do some studying. While studying is essential for being a successful student at any education level, considering whether to study alone or in a group is a question you should ponder.

While both have benefits and downfalls, finding the study method that suits your particular needs is very important. After all, time may not always be on your side, so you want to make sure to maximize every one of those crucial minutes of studying.

Studying alone
For some students, having time to shut out all distractions in order to study is beneficial — but others may find they simply cannot retain all of the valuable information they should be. Here are some pros of studying alone:

Arguably the biggest benefit to studying alone is that you are able to move at a pace that is helpful for just you and how you learn. If you need extra time to review flashcards or skim a section in your textbook, you most certainly can do that. Prioritizing topics you know less about is easy to do when studying alone.

If peace and quiet are necessities for your study routine, studying in a serene place by yourself can provide you with just that. There is no need to spark up conversations or discuss topics with others — just simply put your headphones in and hit the books.

Studying alone is simple. Whenever your schedule allows for a cram session, you can fit one in — no need to rely on others, here. Plus, you can pick up those class notes and give them a read literally anywhere. Heading to the gym? Bring the audio recording of your class lectures. Long bus ride? Flip through those vocabulary notecards one last time. Studying alone is easy because it fully revolves around you.

Studying in groups
Studying with a group can be largely beneficial for many students, especially those who may be lacking an understanding of the coursework or for those who find value in having discussions about the topics on an upcoming exam. However, some students may find they simply cannot concentrate in a group setting. The following are benefits of studying in groups:

Group study sessions are the perfect opportunity to discuss all of the potential topics on the upcoming test and have each group member contribute his or her insight on such topics. Each individual may have a different interpretation of the course materials and it can be exponentially valuable for other students to hear and learn from varying perspectives. For classes that are opinion-based or theory-heavy, hearing other opinions can help broaden your thoughts and expose you to a different way of thinking.

Fill in gaps
Let’s face it — school can be challenging at times. It may be tough to fully comprehend every single topic that your teacher wants to you master. Studying in groups allows students to put their brains together and fill in those knowledge gaps. Putting your notes and level of understanding together can be valuable for all.

Staying focused
While group sessions can go awry, you may also find that you can count on these group study sessions to fit in some solid studying time (no excuses allowed!). What better way to get motivated than to be surrounded by a group of people who are in similar shoes as you? Remember to let being surrounded by others work in your favor, not soak up your valuable time.

Studying in groups and studying alone both have benefits, but be sure to always keep your needs in mind. You know yourself best, so make sure to choose the option that allows you to study hard and study well.
Jenny Modlisz is a contributing writer for Varsity Tutors, a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement.

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6 Useful Tips on How to Improve the Management of Your Finances

Many people do not take the task of money management seriously until it’s already too late. So, it would be best to avoid such a scenario. Start managing your finances as soon as you get the job. If you don’t have any experience in this area, then you should follow the tips presented in this article. Here, you’ll be able to find some very useful suggestions, and money saving tactics that will ensure a financially stable future. So, here are six useful tips on how to improve your money management.

Track your spendings with great precision

Just like the good old saying goes: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” So, if you are to be efficient at this task, you’ll need to track your expenses closely. Whenever someone asks you about your expenses, you probably respond with bills and food. However, almost everyone is surprised when they go through their spending history.

There are always some unexpected expenses, of course, but we fail to notice every little thing we purchase, and at the end of the month, these small purchases drain most of our budget. So, always write down or monitor how you spend money for a more thorough overview.

Create a monthly spending plan you can follow

Once you receive your paycheck, you need to calculate how much money you need to pay the bills, and how much you will have left. Once you divide the leftover sum with 30, you’ll get your daily budget. However, it’s never a good idea to live from one paycheck to another, so adjust the budget in accordance to a daily spending plan that you can follow. If you want to start saving, see if you can reduce the amount of money you are paying for the bills, and be more diligent with your electricity and heating.

Use apps to help you out


You can also use apps to help you manage your expenses. There is an app called Betterment, and it can easily calculate and solve your budget management problems. Another way in which apps can help you is to use them to earn money.

You can use an app called GrabPoints, to earn points by voting or leaving reviews and you can then cash in all the points you’ve earned. Finally, you can use those websites that allow you to do surveys in order to either earn money or get discounts. All it takes is 20 minutes a day, and you’ll earn a decent amount of extra cash.

Pay the bills on time

It’s important to pay your bills on time; otherwise, they will only cost you more, and you won’t get discounts for being a diligent citizen. This is why you need to immediately set aside the money for those expenses and why you must remember to pay them immediately after they arrive.

Take advantage of discounts and coupons


You have no idea just how much discounts and customer-based incentives are out there, which is why it is always better to shop over the internet. There are so many ecommerce websites and you can easily find the item you want at a lower price. You can also collect coupons to lower the prices of the mundane items you purchase, so make sure you are always up to date with these things because you’ll end up saving a lot of money without any trouble at all.

Use techniques that can help you save money

Finally, you need to know how to save money efficiently. There are some really easy tactics for this as well. You can put all your change in a jar or a piggy bank – the oldest trick in the book, and it really works. You can create a weekly challenge.

Basically, you put aside a sum at the end of each week and double the amount at the end of the next one, and you do this until the end of the month ($1,$2,$4,$8). Lastly, you can start working as a freelance writer, since a lot of writing jobs can be found online, which is another way to get some extra cash and save up for a rainy day.

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